How to delete your Instagram Account

Instagram is a community. It’s a place where so many people from all parts of the world interact with one another and get to know themselves better. They share cultures and environments. It’s great for marketing with its various updates and it’s a really fun place to be, as most people put themselves out

there, and serve great content time after time, all day every day. But sometimes you’ve just had enough of Instagram and you need a break. And some other time you just want out of Instagram with the news (or rumours) about a breach of data privacy flying around. What do you do then?

One of 2 things, you can temporarily disable your Instagram account or you can permanently delete your Instagram account.

What happens when you temporarily disable your Instagram account? You don’t receive notifications, your profile is not being seen by people, you take yourself out of the community. Your data (pictures, videos, following) stays intact, and whenever you do decide to come back, you can, you just pick up right back where you left off. Asides from having to learn about the new and updated functions in the time when you were gone, and of course taking proper note of your login details for when you want to return.

On the other hand, when you permanently deactivate Instagram, you lose all your data, and to come back to Instagram, you would create another account and start afresh.

Nothing wrong with any of these choices. We all have various requirements; we need different things. With the rising numbers of depression across the board, when you need your break, you must take the break in the manner that’s best for you.

Let’s talk about how to deactivate your Instagram account temporarily. This is done on the website and not on the mobile application.

  1. Go to your profile page and select edit profile
  2. Click ‘temporarily disable my account’
  3. A pop up asking for a reason for disabling appears, you may select any best fit one
  4. Then you have to re-enter your password and select ‘temporarily disable account’

You can deactivate your Instagram account once every week if you choose to.

Downloading your Instagram Data

Before permanently deactivating Instagram Account, it is important to store relevant data from your Instagram account. This helps to easily retrieve your data and utilize them even after an Instagram account is deactivated. The deactivation process starts immediately with the account being hidden initially and then a final deactivation after a month. It should be noted that the deactivation of the Instagram account occurs permanently without any added feature to ensure the account is retrieved back. This is very important as the Instagram data will be lost if not initially saved before the deactivation process begins. When you deactivate Instagram accounts, files involving photos, videos that have been previously posted over time will also be lost. The following steps will guide you in downloading your Instagram data before permanent deactivation:

  1. Go to the “Settings” icon from your profile
  2. Click on “ Security”
  3. Click on “Download data”
  4. Fill in your email address and your password and click on Request download.
  5. You will receive an email within 48hours with your link data. Click on “Download Data”
  6. You can open your downloaded file from your device

How to Permanently Deactivate Instagram Account

A major challenge faced when you are about to deactivate an Instagram account permanently is the specific stepwise approach in getting this done. An effective way to deactivate an Instagram account well enough is to use a suitable web browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. The Instagram application from the play store or app store cannot be used to deactivate an Instagram account.

The following steps will guide you on how to deactivate Instagram account:

  1. The delete page associated with Instagram is on a special page. Ensure you are logged in on your browser
  2. Open a new tab and follow the link:
  3. Specify why you want to deactivate the Instagram account from the drop-down menu
  4. Re-enter your Instagram password to authenticate the deactivation
  5. Click on the delete button

Instagram is an amazing social network with numerous users from across the world. Instagram has not only helped to build the social life of its users but has also served as a wonderful platform relevant to promote several businesses thereby reaching out to millions of people interested in such services. To deactivate an Instagram account, especially accounts with a very high number of followers, requires a thoughtful decision to eventually go through this process, however, if this has been well thought of, this article will help you deactivate your Instagram account.

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