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Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries and it is only going to grow as technology evolves. Digital marketing is one of the most sought-after career paths. It is projected that by 2022, digital marketing will be the third most in-demand job in the US. We have shortlisted the 5 hottest job profiles that will be in demand, growing, evolving, and can surely get you a fat paycheck. 

Marketing automation

Marketing automation has seen a recent spike in relevance thanks to the rise of social media jobs, mobile, and e-commerce. 

This increased demand has resulted in more job opportunities for marketers with automation skills.

Marketing automation is an emerging technology that allows companies to stay connected with their customers even if they are not in the office all day. 

It has many benefits for marketers including 24/7 customer service, increased sales conversions, and better customer experience.

The future of marketing automation looks bright because it will continue to provide competitive advantages for companies in this digital era.

People interested in applying for this position should have a great command over social media marketing, Email Marketing, and Web Analytics as they often would be required to check the overall return on the campaigns they are running. Besides these tools, one should also be creative in terms of thinking and coming up with campaign ideas that can appeal to the end target audience. 

Big data

Big data is a pillar of today’s economy and it has created many opportunities for professionals to find jobs in the industry. It is not only about the work, but the impact that big data can have on people’s lives.

The term “big data” refers to a vast amount of information that can be analyzed to extract useful insights and trends from them. 

Big data professionals are in demand in every industry – from banking, healthcare, insurance sectors to marketing, logistics, and many more. The demand for these professionals will keep on increasing as big data becomes an essential part of every organization’s decision-making process.

The potential uses of big data are endless, but its major application can be found in digital marketing where this data is used to draw meaningful inferences on what’s working and what’s not. 

Using the process of gathering, storing, sorting, and analyzing large amounts of data, one can derive insights that can help businesses improve their products or services. The job typically requires strong analytical abilities and experience in mathematics.

Data scientists and Data engineers are 2 key job profiles that are in trend and in demand. 

Data scientists are the ones who not only use statistical tools to cleanse and prepare datasets for analysis but also come up with algorithms that can extract valuable insights from the datasets.

Data engineers on the other hand are tasked with managing, developing, and optimizing the databases.

Content Marketing Ninja 

Content marketing is one of the fastest-growing fields in digital marketing, and it’s not hard to see why. With more than 3.5 billion internet users and more than 5 billion mobile users worldwide, content is what draws people into websites, blogs, advertisements, and social media networks.

Brands are investing more money on content marketing than on traditional advertising because it has a greater impact on consumers today. It’s the most cost-effective way for them to reach their audiences and build lasting relationships with them from initial outreach to purchase conversion.

Content Marketing is a rapidly growing industry and the jobs within it are equally diverse. As a result, there are a number of positions that you can specialize in and tailor your career to.

A content marketer’s job is to create and deliver messaging that engages with customers on behalf of a brand, focusing on the needs of the audience. While copywriters focus more on the written word, content marketers take care of all other mediums such as video, podcasts, photos, or infographics.

There is also a job profile called Content strategist, the role involves coming up with a plan for how to produce content, and what content to produce. They also work on how to promote it so that the content gets the most views and shares possible.

There are also a plethora of powerful AI content writing tools available like Rytr, Copy.ai, Jarvis which can produce wonderful content as well, one should gain experience to work on these tools to produce content at scale. 

Video Production Specialist 

The increase in the number of Internet users who watch videos on the Internet has led to a growth in demand for video production specialists. These professionals might be needed to create videos that are meant for advertising, entertainment, or educational purposes.

Video production has become an increasingly crucial component of digital marketing campaigns as well. Whether it’s creating a video to show your product or service in action or filming a commercial for TV or YouTube, companies are finding that video gets people taking action faster than any other type of content.

As digital transformations accelerate, marketers will need to change their skill sets to keep up. They may find it harder to stay ahead of the competition if they can’t keep up with technology. Marketers will need more creative thinking skills like video production and editing.

A video production specialist is a person who is in charge of coordinating and editing video content for a company. They are often the ones who film the video and find the location for it. 

It’s important for a video production specialist to know how to edit video well in order to produce high-quality content by the end of the day. They are required to have certain skills in post-production editing, directing, and cinematography.

One should have a good knowledge of video editing tools such as Adobe premiere pro, Adobe after effects, Filmora, Final cut pro, Vegas pro. 

Paid Marketing Specialist 

A paid advertising specialist is a person who is responsible for managing all of a company’s digital advertising efforts. They manage all paid ads on social media, Google, and YouTube. They have an in-depth knowledge of digital marketing channels and tactics.

A google ads specialist works with advertisers to create Google AdWords Campaigns to promote their products or services through advertisements on YouTube, Google search results pages, and other sites that partner with Google. A key responsibility of this job is to optimize campaigns for conversions or signups using reports provided by Google Ads or third-party software platforms like Adobe Analytics.

Similarly one can also specialize in crafting Facebook and Instagram ads and find out strategies to get the best out of them. 

Along with the individual platform specialists, there is also a role called Digital media planners and campaign managers. 

Digital media planners work on the entire digital marketing strategy for a brand and they focus on paid media (ads). 

They are responsible for generating paid media strategies, evaluating the effectiveness of paid media strategies, maintaining the budget, measuring campaign performance, etc.

An individual with this job will work with brands and advertisers to create media strategies and placement for their products in various channels. This person will also monitor progress and share results with clients.

This sums up our top 5 job profiles in the domain of Digital Marketing for 2022. 

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