• NimConf 2020
    The online-only NimConf 2020 took place in July. Recordings are available on YouTube: Topics include: An intro to Nim for the uninitiated (Dominik Picheta). The […]
  • A review of QEMU 5.0
    I will review QEMU 5 by using it to boot the Manjaro Linux ISO on Mac OS Catalina. Introduction to QEMU QEMU (short for quick […]
  • Nim v1.2.2 released
    Click the banner below to read the official blog post: This release contains bug fixes only. This includes 6 fixes for ARC (memory manager), which […]
  • Nim v1.2 and Zero Copy
    Allocating and copying memory once isn’t slow, but when in a loop, or anything else that leads to millions+ of iterations you will find that […]
  • Nim Concurrency and Parallelism
    Introduction Nim supports both threads and async/await for concurrency. New libraries are also expanding the choices developers have for concurrency and parallelism. Parallel and Spawn […]