website like canva here are 5 amazing alternatives

In this article, we will be looking at the five top design tools which can be perfect  websites like Canva. With more and more designers switching to design tools for their work, some of the most popular design tools that designers use are Adobe Spark, Crello, Pixelied, Visme, and Pixlr. There are a lot of similarities between apps similar to Canva.

Creative people are always looking for the best design tools. They want to explore new ideas and create amazing things. If you are searching for perfect Canva alternatives, then look no further than these 5 brilliant design tools.

Adobe Spark – It offers Trending templates, effortless designs, and remixable graphics.

Crello – Over 30K+ trending design templates to choose from.

Pixelied – Retouch eCommerce pictures, replace designs, and create social media posts.

Visme – You can design presentations, infographics & professional branded documents.

Pixlr– Create engaging YouTube thumbnails, social media posts & office stationery.

Adobe Spark:

Adobe Spark is a mobile app and web app that lets you create beautiful designs such as logos, product packaging, blog posts, quotes, social media graphics, and more. It offers Trending templates, effortless designs, and remixable graphics.

Adobe Spark was first unveiled in 2014 by Adobe, and a large number of customers took advantage of its services because of its uncomplicated user interface. Adobe Spark offers trending templates, effortless designs, and remixable graphics. With this tool, you can create professional designs in minutes. It lets you share inspiring layouts of your own with its gallery feature where it gets published instantly on your social media of choice.

Many designers use Adobe Spark, which has strong user engagement rates. It has several features that allow you to easily get started with your creativity, including Color Guide, Sample Templates, and Design Stories.

Adobe Spark is website like canva

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and better than canva design tool, Adobe Spark can help. With several features:

  • a comprehensive collection of templates for original designs, with options for social media graphics, presentations, a collage maker, and more.
  • created templates for various events, such as holidays and sales.
  • a branding function that allows you to paste your logo, color scheme, and font into any Spark creation.
  • You can send your work to other people or quickly move it to another Adobe Creative Cloud product with the help of tools for collaboration.
  • a vast library of digital assets, including backdrops, icons, pictures, and images.
  • an instant download button that creates a PNG, JPG, or other images.
  • an immediate scaling tool that modifies the size of an earlier design for particular applications, such as Facebook or Instagram.

It provides you with all the necessary features that you need to create an interactive project. This includes copywriting, graphics, video production, animation and more. The other 4 tools act as Canva alternatives if you want something that is easy to use but not as feature-rich as Adobe Spark.


Looking for a tool that would allow you to create beautiful graphics fast and easily? Now you have it. Crello is a free graphic design tool that helps you create stunning visual content. You can access thousands of designs from Crello’s marketplace – designed by talented online graphic designers, professional photographers, and illustrators from all over the world.

This is one of the in-style tools for developing websites online because it offers ease of use and is accompanied by toolsets such as logo designer and website builder. Crello also offers a range of designs to choose from such as postcards, flyers, and posters among other things.

Crello - graphic design tool which is canva alternative

Crello offers an online design tool to help with logos, banners, social media images, website headers, product designs, and more. It’s for professionals and amateurs alike no matter if you are a freelancer or small business owner or anyone looking for designing services. Crello provides a platform to express your creativity in the easiest way.

Crello is better than canva as the features can describe you how-

  • over 30,000 design templates for topics like marketing, social networking, business cards, blogging, and headers.
  • a quick image cropping tool to remove any area.
  • To rapidly transform the appearance and feel of a design, use lovely picture filters.
  • Images are flipped and rotated.
  • removes backgrounds instantly and more quickly than most editors.
  • Frames and speech bubbles are intriguing effects.
  • Shapes, stickers, and badges are stylish design components.
  • Using audio editing software, you can add music to videos and images.


It can be expensive to hire a graphic design service or photographer to take new pictures of your online store for every new product on your Etsy, eBay, Shopify, or other online shops. With Pixelied you can quickly retouch your existing images, replace designs and create new social media posts.

Pixelied is a free photo editing app for your phone. Colorize black and white, and add frames or funny stickers. Pixelied makes your photos shine with incredible effects easy to apply. It is useful for business owners, teachers, individuals, or anyone looking to create graphics in their store. With it, you can add to your online store by working on sales or doing jobs that are not as straightforward without creating your own graphics. However, it occasionally provides options that can be useful for e-commerce.


It is a super easy-to-use eCommerce image editor. Replace designs, remove backgrounds and add text with a single click. Download images in the highest resolution and resolution that suits your needs.

Features of Pixelied are-

  • Integrated Templates.
  • High-end icons.
  • Photo Editor.
  • Tool for Transparency.
  • Collaboration and Privacy Protection
  • It restricts access to the file to authorized users only.


When it comes to designing presentations, infographics, and professional branded documents, there are easy-to-use tools that will save you hours of time on your next project. If you have tried design software before, you probably know it can be a tedious task. Thanks to Visme, creating a professional-looking presentation, infographic or branded document is now a breeze!

Visme is an all-in-one tool, that allows you to create professional visuals across multiple devices. Visme helps you design presentations, infographics, and branded PDFs.


You don’t need expensive design software with hundreds of fancy features to make professional marketing documents or presentation decks. Visme allows you to create high-quality marketing documents like infographics, presentations, and reports for free.

It is a web-based tool that helps you design dynamic infographics, presentations, and professional email templates. It has a number of intuitive features that offer the best way to craft compelling visuals for an online presentation.

There are hundreds of presentation and infographic tools out there, but only a few make it really easy to design and create professional and polished visuals. Even fewer make it accessible and simple to use. Visme’s mission is to make professional graphics accessible for everyone.

Features of canva similar app Visme are-

  • Beautiful templates with ready-to-use layouts are available to create everything from charts to infographics.
  • a brand kit to maintain consistency with your logo and color design.
  • PowerPoint exporting and importing
  • Some plans provide privacy controls.
  • a sizable collection of pictures, sound, video, artwork, GIFs, and other media.
  • With comments, annotations, user types, and folder permissions, teams can collaborate.
  • Tools for an organization like file management, statistics, and team sharing


It’s hard to remember a time before graphic design was digital. For novices, it can seem like an alien form of artistry with its own special devices consisting of various computer programs and its own language to speak in. But if you look past the software, it’s fun to create designs on the computer, especially when they are for something you care about! For people who aren’t afraid of using tools beyond Microsoft Paint, there are now many free online photo editors that are simple enough for beginners but advanced enough for novices, intermediate designers, and professionals alike.

Pixlr was built to deliver the power and simplicity of a desktop image editor in a browser. It’s fast and easy, and makes image editing in your browser fun and accessible to everyone. Pixlr provides free image editing tools that anyone can use to create, edit and share designs. Whether you’re an influencer, social media maven, or business owner – Pixlr is the toolbox you need to help amplify your impact.


With an elegant and intuitive user interface, the Pixlr editor is a breeze to use. Whether you’re a novice or an expert in graphic design, you’ll love the results from your first time using it. yet it holds powerful features that can blow your mind are-

  • access to a graphic editor with complex picture editing features, as well as a more user-friendly Canva substitute
  • Numerous thousands of overlays, stickers, and stock photos
  • a cutout AI tool for removing elements from your design.
  • hundreds of texts, symbols, and other resources at your disposal.
  • Preset measurements and lovely templates.
  • Especially when compared to Canva and the majority of the other solutions on this list, this is one of the most sophisticated tools for modifying photographs.

If this article helped you in selecting a better alternative for Canva or if you have any helpful ideas or feedback, please share them in the comments section below.

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