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3D rendering is among the greatest developments in design in recent years, as this digital technology allows designers to bring two-dimensional ideas into three-dimensional life. 

This visual style works well in designing two-dimensional interfaces for digital devices, websites, and social media profiles.

There are a ton of 3D illustration websites out there that you can use for your next project. However, not all of them are free.

Illustration art can be used for a variety of purposes, from advertising to storytelling.

Here you will get to see websites where you can download a free 3D illustration along with the best features and multiple options.


Purpose of using 3D Illustration 

Illustrations allow for visual representation or illustration of texts, and they can help elucidate an idea, tell a story, or provide decoration. They may be a good way to display or clarify an idea or story. A wide range of illustrative techniques are available, including drawings in black and white and color.



Freepik is a great webpage for free stock images of photos and illustrations.There are thousands of free vector graphics on this site, divided into categories including postcards, brochures, advertisements, and all forms of signage. Freepik also includes an editable template editor to customize your templates according to your content and ideas.

You can check out more freepik images similar site here.



You get both versions in Handz, Free and Premium one, Depending on your budget you can choose your version.

You will get to see more than 320 unique hand configurations.

Here is a highlight from the free version that you will get to see on Handz website.

files320+ PNGs files rendered

source (.blend) 

12 hands gesture

9 colour skins

3 variations of sleeves.



You can use any illustration without having to give credit or a cost to your projects or business. An open license makes the illustrations widely usable.

Initially, unDraw was used only by the well-renowned companies Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Harvard Business School, Adobe, and UC Berkeley. Then the number of people who were making use of this tool every day drastically grew, with designers, developers, and content creators creating increasingly innovative and increasingly significant projects.


4.Open doodles

Free illustrations in Open Doodles include the idea of Open Design. You can copy, alter, remix, share, or redact these images in any way you want, with no concern about copyrights and costs.

Free sketchy graphics can be found on Pablo Stanley’s website on Open doodles. Space for commercial usage so long as it’s under the CC0 license, these graphics are available in SVG, PNG, and animated GIF formats. You can select an alternative colour theme before making a download.



Mix and match illustrations of people in a design library. Create your own remix, altering the hairdos et al. Design the humaaan body. Rotate and position the elements in your humaaans to your liking. They’re like legos made out of flesh … and vectors. 


6.Ouch by Icons8

From flat digital illustrations to colourful landscapes and icon illustrations in 20 different art styles, Ouch by Icons8 offers a complete set of evocative graphics. Illustrations are sorted by categories including Technology, E-commerce, Finance, and Medicine as well as popular UX states including Success, Message Sent, Sign up, and Subscribed.



Icons that will be attractive in your website or app with editable vector illustrations of a character having fun, exploring, playing, cooking, drawing, exercising, and more.

DrawKit has a plenty of totally free commercial SVG illustrations made in a modular, streamlined style that are perfect for today’s UI design requirements. There are many illustrations of different kinds: abstract, education, business & finance, health and medical, design and style, art and so on. Each of the vectors has two versions: Bright and monochrome. A complimentary download includes SVG and PNG files in different sizes.



There are many great free 3D illustration websites to choose from. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, so be sure to explore them all before making a final decision.

And don’t forget to keep your project requirements in mind when making your selection. be sure to do your research ahead of time.

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