Learn How To Fix 8 Common Photoshop Issues

You may run into some common issues if you’re new to Photoshop. Here are the 8 most common Photoshop issues and how to fix them.

Photoshop is among the most popular image-editing software applications on the market, but it can be surprisingly challenging to use for new users. Photoshop is regarded as Adobe’s pride and joy and is used widely for graphical editing. It has all the tools, skills, and libraries a graphic artist could want.

However, it’s also one of the most accessible software to use. Particularly for beginners who want to work through the program’s maze-like user interface.

In this blog, we provide an overview of a few of the most common Photoshop blunders and advice on how to fix them.

1. Measurement is changed to pixels

This can be annoying if you’re working in visual media which is likely to be used for web use. Sometimes, you might have to work with inches instead of pixels by default or by chance when handling work in Adobe Photoshop. This can make it hard if you produce pictures for a website instead of a magazine.

To change it, click on edit, go to Preferences > Units & Rulers and click Units & Rulers. You can also open the Preferences window by pressing Ctrl + K and selecting the Units & Rulers section on the side menu.

From the “Preferences” window, change the “Rulers” setting to “Pixels” using the drop-down menu. Click OK, and your newly selected selection measurements will appear as pixels.

2. Can’t open files in Photoshop

Sometimes PSD, RAW, or even PSD files cannot be opened by Photoshop. There are a few solutions you can attempt in this situation:

  • You can restart Photoshop’s application.
  • Keep Photoshop updated.
  • You can restart your computer.
  • If necessary, check the file extension and rename it.

3. How to Find Missing Tools

The most common reason for this issue is that Photoshop failed to update the design because of a metered connection, a slow web connection, or because you pirated the application. If you have an emergency, you can reset Photoshop to its original default settings by pressing Edit → Tools → Restore Defaults. Next, open the Toolbar icon and click Restore Defaults.

If you want to customise the toolbar’s behaviour:

  1. Go to the Edit Toolbar.
  2. In the Customize Toolbar window, drag the right extra tools from the Extra Tools list in the Toolbar panel.
  3. Once you’re done adding your Restore Defaults, click on Preset Done to save the custom toolbar.

4. Unresponsive Tools

If you want to reset a tool operating erratically, choose the tool you want to reset, right-click it on its upper settings bar, and then click Reset.

Ensure you have subverted your background colour in the settings at the Toolbox bottom. If your background colour is not black or white, press D to reset it.

5. Correct Image Rotation

Don’t continue attempting to rotate your image using the Image adjustment page. Rotating the entire artboard will serve to reinforce your negative behaviour. Use the Transform tool to move, rotate, or skew your image.

Place your image, select your image, then press Ctrl + T on your keyboard. Your image should be enclosed in a box. Then, right-click your picture and select your choice.

Unfortunately, many users will attempt to accurately rotate images using the Image option (causing unnecessary inconvenience most of the time) or when other options are available along the toolbar. Since Adobe Photoshop’s options are many, it’s advisable not to waver from your artboard whenever possible.

6. Pen Tool Practice

If you have already seen impressive Photoshop artwork, you can rest assured that it required the Pen tool. The Pen tool is not only one of the most versatile Adobe tools available on most Adobe software products but also one of the hardest to use well.

Furthermore, Adobe’s products are produced and experienced specifically for professionals and focus on their ability to practice different skills. While there are tutorials for the interference tool, many are not interested in utilizing it in practice and do fine without learning its capabilities.

Learn to draw freehand quickly by playing The Bezier Game. It’s an uncomplicated, interactive game where you draw simple shapes using the Pen tool. It’s uncomplicated, fast, and will teach you many things if you’re new to the Pen tool game.

This game will substantially increase your knowledge and ability to use the Pen tool, particularly if you’re beginning with graphic design.

7. Smart Object Layering

Generally, if you made a mistake, you’d have to revert each filter and then reapply them all before it looked great.

What happens if you forget a filter’s exact value or if it exists? What if you’re having problems with a filter but aren’t sure which one? Your layer can be made into a Smart Object to resolve these problems.

Smart objects allow users to list all the modifications they add to a layer and allow users to alter, delete, or create any change without losing track. Right-click the layer name and select Convert to Smart Object to transform a layer into a smart object. The icon should appear on the layered thumbnail.

Now your layer should be a smart object. Click the eye symbol to the left of the listing to view or remove a filter—double-click on the levels icon to the right to change the settings.

8. Can’t Save Files as PNG

If your document has a channel of 32 bits or is in CMYK colour mode, Photoshop will not accept it as a PNG image. It would help if you change the file’s colour mode to RGB to fix the issue.

Go to Mode > RGB colour in the Image menu.

Then, press Ctrl + Shift + S and set Save as type to PNG.

Parting Thoughts

Photoshop is among the most valuable and powerful software in web design. Yet, be sure you spend time exploring it alone and don’t attempt to do everything for you at once. It takes years to understand Photoshop.

Having solved Photoshop’s most common problems, you can now take the time and learn online how to become a Photoshop ninja.

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