Experience the Power of ChatGPT: A Look into the Capabilities of OpenAI’s Language Model

I am sure you must have across about ChatGPT somewhere on your LinkedIn newsfeed or forwarded YouTube videos and often wonder what exactly is this concept and why is everyone suddenly talking about it. 

Well you have landed at the right destination, we at Onlinetechinfo will help you this concept in a little more detail.


Let’s understand what ChatGPT is all about – 

Simply putting it together ChatGPT is a chatbot developed by OpenAI based on GPT 3.5 framework. 

The incredible property which makes it so special is its ability to interact and give responses in a conversation format which can appear surprisingly human. 

ChatGPT has the ability to answer long form questions in an interactive manner. 

As more and more users are adopting this technology they are left awestruck by its amazing response management and the way information is being retrieved. 


Let’s see ChatGPT in action – 

If you want to try this, you will have to follow the simple steps – 


Step 1 – Head to this URL – https://openai.com/api/ 

Click on Get Started 

Step 2 – Associate it with any Google/Microsoft Account 

Step 3 – Fill in some information about yourself 

Step 4 – Enter your mobile number and enter the verification code 

Step 5 – Just specify for what purpose you would like to use this platform 

Step 6 – Head to this URL – https://chat.openai.com/chat 

Last step – Feel free to select from any examples or type in the chat section. 


Here is a demo of how it works 

Let’s also see what ChatGPT answered when we asked the platform most trending questions which have been asked on Quora –  

Question – Can Chat GPT is the future of all search engines?

Question – What are the advantages of using ChatGPT?

Question – Is Chat GPT good for content marketing?

What is your understanding and experience about ChatGPT? Have you used it before? 

Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below. 

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