Google Ads Updates

Google Ads are by far one of the most powerful ways of leveraging Digital advertising for your business. 

Whether you are just a startup, an established mid-sized company or a giant large-sized corporation, Google ads has something available for each type and size of business. 

As we all know Digital is such a dynamic industry to be in, it’s changing at a very rapid pace and Google is not far behind. 

It keeps on bringing in new innovation, new ad formats, new keyword types so that it keeps adding value to the brand and advertisers. 

This blog is aimed to uncover some of the latest updates we have received from Google on the ads front in the past few months. 


Introduction :

Every business wants to get featured on Google, either by running an ad, or in an organic way.

We’ve all known google for the end no. of the new things that it comes up with. Google is probably the most rapidly changing and updating portal in the market. And being a businessman marketer or a digital marketer it is must for you to stay up to date with its daily changing updates to stay competent. 

One good thing about Google Ads is the support that we get from the Google ads Team to optimize our ads in the best possible way. However google believes in automation, and time saving, and that’s why it keeps on experimenting with new things updates and features, and always comes up with more helpful updates which can ease the work for a beginner as well as an expert who have been running the google ads for years.


Let’s get started with new updates Google ads have to offer.

1. Support for expanded text ads is going away 

Do you have responsive search ads in your google ads account? If not then you should create it right away, Yes!. Last year in August 2021 Google had announced a few alerts for an upcoming change in the year 2022. 

If you want your conversion rate to improve by 7% or more it is a strong suggestion or a reminder from google for you to create responsive search ads in every ad group in your search campaign prior to the beginning of June 2022. As it won’t be possible for you to create or edit expanded text.

As Google is getting 15% of unique search queries with each passing day, google has decided to create an automation for your ads to reach the relevant customers as per the search. 

More details here


2. Find more opportunities with recommendations

We have been using recommendations tools for a long time in google ads however google has now introduced 2 more options to optimize your Discovery Campaigns as well as video Campaigns, that too just by clicking one button “Apply”, Yes as we have mentioned google believes in automation and in time-saving. Let’s understand it in detail.

Maximize Performance for Discovery campaigns :

Recommendation for Discovery campaign is the new update by Google Ads, this will work the same as the other campaigns like search, display, here optimization score will range from 0% to 100%, your ad will be totally set to perform when you will see your optimization score at 100%.

This update will also help you to fix your other problems like, 

It will fix your disapproved assets to show them in your ads. 

It will help you to get more conversions by displaying your ads to maximum customers. 

Automatically apply recommendation at scale :

Best part of this update is, it will let you apply all the recommendations in your manager account to optimize your multiple accounts. You will get to see 22 recommendations to apply just by one click.

Last but not the least,  you can now optimize your video campaigns too 

This will help you to set up your feed, upgrade your conversion tracking.

Want to learn more about it, click here


3. Learn more about Smart Shopping and Local campaign upgrades to Performance Max

Performance max is one of the recent entrants in the Google ads ecosystem that allows advertisers to harness the power of all the available Google placements to maximize conversions. 

Smart shopping and Local campaigns are soon merging with Performance max. 

We have already started noticing some gradual improvements from advertisers who have been shifting to Performance max, from early testing made by Google, the experimental stage advertisers observed a 12% increase in the overall performance of the ads. 

More details can be found here

Have you tried the new Performance max objective for your campaigns yet? What has been your experience? Share with us in the comments section below. 


4.Test with even more ease and confidence with the new Experiments page

One of the core elements with any digital ad campaign is the feature of experimentation, you generally start off with a small set of budget and a few creatives, you test out how your target audience is reacting to your campaign and once you start to see some good traction building up, then you start scaling up your campaign to reach out to a bigger and a wider audience. 

Google has recently rolled out a new Experiments page which would be a single page destination for creating and managing all of your campaign experiments. 

Experiments can help understand the impact of changes and improve campaign performance. 

After you see that the experiment you initiated is giving you initial success and you want to implement it into your main campaigns, you can do it directly from the experiments page. 

More information here


5. An easier way to import offline conversions

For any performance marketeer, the most important and critical component leads, you would always want to attract high-quality leads for your business at the most optimized cost possible. 

One of the recent updates in Google ads has made things simple for marketers where they can import their offline conversions and this data would help them gather critical insights about paying customers and driving impact. 

With enhanced conversions for leads, you can set up your offline lead measurement through the Google ads of the Google Tag Manager Interface. 

Check out more details here

Conclusion : 

As we shared, the main purpose of Google is to simplify the work for customers as well as the advertiser and to bring automation in Google Ads. 

The updates in Google ads that we have shared, some of them would be gradually rolling out in upcoming time, however being a marketer it is your core responsibility to evolve with the new changes of the google ads to optimize the best result for your ads. 

But we strongly recommend you to give it a try first prior to investing more budget into the new google ads updates, you should go for a small trial with a small amount, and depending on the result or return of your investment you will be able to decide what works best for you or your Ads. 

The best thing about new updates is that it is customer search-oriented as well as it takes care of an advertiser, where the ad can get displayed to the more and more relevant audience in the same budget.

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