6 Chrome Extensions Every Digital Marketer Needs

Digital marketing is the process of creating, managing, and executing a marketing plan across digital channels. It uses digital technologies to reach and engage customers. A successful digital marketer needs to be proficient in a variety of tools and platforms.

Google Chrome is one of the most popular internet browsers in the world. It offers great features and allows extensions that make digital marketing easier.

In this article, we will discuss some of the top Chrome extensions every digital marketer should use. These extensions will help with SEO, social media, and even other professionals.

What is a chrome extension?  

Small software add-ons that you may incorporate into your Chrome browser to enhance its capabilities are known as Chrome Extensions. Each Chrome Extension, developed by businesses or lone developers from all over the world, adds a totally new feature to your browser or changes an already-existing functionality.

1. Ubersuggest

Keyword Overview- 

You’ll see an overview in the search bar when you use Google.

You’ll see the keyword’s cost per click and monthly search volume.

The Ubersuggest extension will give you useful information about a particular keyword query not only on GoogleTM but also on YouTubeTM, AmazonTM, and other websites.

The “see all” link will take you to a thorough summary of that keyword.

Graphs and trends are also available with the Ubersuggest SEO addon. These graphs show monthly desktop and mobile searches for a specific keyword and break out the total monthly search volume.

Today, each URL in a Google search results page has an estimate of its traffic. And if you like to see things visually, you can also see the traffic estimation for any of the top 10 results on the right sidebar.

Backlink information: Above the organic results, a speech bubble will provide information about the average domain authority (domain score) and the average number of referring domains for the top 10 results (backlinks). This information can help you refine your link-building tactics.

You can change the language and location.

Additionally, you can see metrics on the graph that show how difficult it is to rank for that phrase (SEO Difficulty) and how competitive it is in paid search (Paid Difficulty).

2. Mozbar

Moz has long been recognised as a leader in SEO. You can therefore trust it to be good when they release a Chrome extension!

The Chrome addon provides you with important stats while you are reading any website or SERP (search engine results page). You may view a page’s domain authority, page authority, backlinks, linked domains, keywords, and much more for each page you visit.

All of this information is like a gold mine for digital marketers.

You can also get a comprehensive analysis of their links, including whether they are internal, external, or follow links. You can also export the information of your examination of the search engine results page to a CSV file. Once you have a Moz Pro subscription, you can access even more exciting features.

Key characteristics of Mozbar:

Easy competitive analysis

Quickly assess any website’s page and domain authority

3. Hunter:

Obtain the page’s elements, basic attributes, markup, and HTTP status

You can quickly discover the email addresses hidden behind the websites you’re surfing thanks to Hunter’s Chrome plugin.

Domain Search:

The most effective email-finding tool of its kind is Domain Search. To find all the email addresses connected to the page you’re visiting, click the symbol in Chrome. It features department filters, the most typical email pattern, and open sources.

The email addresses are either returned with confidence scores or are marked as verified. You can verify an email address if it hasn’t already by clicking the checkbox button next to it.

Email Finder:

Enter the name of the person you want to contact in the search field if you already know it. The discovered email address, together with a confidence rating and sources, will be returned by the Email Finder.

Hunter’s extension will seek the author’s name and email address if you are reading an article.

List building:

To add a lead to a list, click the “+” sign next to a specific person. Your leads can be added to 

Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho, and more than a hundred other CRMs and platforms by sending email campaigns to them.

Trusted by 3 million people:

Hunter (formerly known as Email Hunter) is used by a variety of professionals who need to connect, including salespeople, marketers, recruiters, bloggers, reporters, and many more.

4. Trello

There are several tools available for project management. Trello, however, stands out from the competition because of its simplicity. It offers a simple method for quickly organising and tracking projects.

Teams that profit from Trello’s project management capabilities include software developers, advertising companies, and designers. Trello can assist you whether you need to manage a large team or simply increase your individual productivity:

the steps in your production workflow:

Schedule your development accordingly.

A content marketing effort gets monitored.

Prepare for future initiatives.

Keep track of the hiring and orientation process at your business

It might be difficult for remote teams to maintain organisation without physical conference rooms, notice boards, and other traditional project management tools.

5. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of our go-to writing programmes and a Chrome addon. Writing blog entries, social media postings, email pitches, and other types of content is something that we digital marketers frequently have to do. A virtual editor and grammar checker like Grammarly helps you write with professionalism and polish.

Grammarly has a vocabulary-building tool in addition to a plagiarism detector, grammar checker, punctuation checker, and spell checker.

It checks your writing for more than 250 different grammar faults across six different writing genres, offering in-depth justifications for every mistake and monthly progress updates. With the help of its Chrome extension, you can now take things a step further by receiving Grammarly’s recommendations everywhere you are—on Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and nearly anywhere else you find yourself writing.

Qualities of Grammarly:

Tone detector built in to determine how the reader will perceive you (friendly, arrogant, etc.)

Correct your spelling, grammar, and punctuation more rapidly.

Works with Google Docs, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, and more.

6. BuzzSumo :

You can use the robust BuzzSumo Chrome Extension to view the current shares for any webpage you are viewing.

The plugin will show the number of interactions on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The Evergreen Score of the article will also be revealed.

A summary of the performance of your material is provided by BuzzSumo. To view statistics like the number of social shares and backlinks a piece has received, click the extension when you’re on a website. 

You can rapidly ascertain how much engagement your material is receiving by using this tool. You might also use BuzzSumo to research your rivals’ strategies and discover ways to make your content more shareable.


To sum up, all of these Chrome extensions are essential for digital marketers. They facilitate our work and boost our output. So make sure to add them to your browser right away if you haven’t already.

Digital marketing is not always easy. It might be difficult to separate out from the crowd and engage your audience when there is so much content competing for viewers’ attention.

This is why, in the chaotic, congested online stratosphere, even the slightest advantage might help you advance. Chrome extensions give you the capabilities of certain top-tier software applications while giving you a much-needed productivity boost.

Which extensions for Chrome did you prefer the most? Have we overlooked your go-to Chrome Extension for online marketers? If yes then you can DM us on our social media handles.

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