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Utilizing tools for social media post scheduling makes it simple to keep your social media posting current and organised. You can use these tools to schedule posts in advance, inform your followers of specified dates, and monitor the effectiveness of your postings. Your brand’s presence on social media may increase if you use these tools to keep organised and on schedule.

Without a doubt, social media has transformed how we interact with our friends and family. But how can we be certain that each of our postings is reaching its targeted audience? Tools for scheduling social media posts can be useful in this situation. You may strategically organise your postings using these tools to ensure that the people who matter most will see them.

Why Is It important? 

Using social media tools is incredibly beneficial in all of these situations, whether you’re a freelancer, the boss of a digital marketing agency, or the sole proprietor of a business and managing social media on your own. It helps you save a tonne of time and stay organised.

It helps you,

  • Organize conversations
  • manage many social media accounts
  • schedule posts in advance
  • keep an eye out for leads and valuable information 
  • analyse your results

Let’s straight away explore some popular social media tools and what features they offer. 

1. Hootsuite

One of the most widely used applications for scheduling social media posts is Hootsuite and for good reason.

One benefit is that it lets you have and manage many social media accounts across platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube in separate columns. WordPress is supported as well. Even while the streamlined dashboard is pretty simple to use, the amount of data it contains may first seem overwhelming. The fact that you may alter what information appears for each account is a plus.

Hootsuite can organise and assess organic material, track consumer dialogues, schedule numerous posts, and offer real-time analytics. With this software, you can quickly view a user’s social data and find social searches, keywords, and other pertinent information for your personal stream.

Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive are all integrated with Hootsuite. Because any team member can readily access digital materials, the software offers convenient, collaborative publishing and workflow for large teams. Improved video-first support was also recently developed to optimise video content for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Hootsuite provides some of the most powerful analytics and reports generating available, but it only offers certain key templates for more expensive plans. For instance, the Enterprise Plan is the only one that offers Facebook Aggregate and team productivity reporting.

Hootsuite’s primary flaw is its price, which may be prohibitively high for small organisations. But this is a valuable, complicated tool for a larger business with a larger crew.

2. Loomly 

Loomly is a strong platform for managing and scheduling social media posts that has a simple, user-friendly layout. After a 15-day, no-credit-card trial, there are four pricing options available. They start at the $26/month Base plan for users with 10 or fewer social media accounts and go all the way up to the $269/month Premium Plan, which supports up to 30 users and 50 social media accounts.

Some of the best & our favourite features of Loomly are mentioned below,

No, Spreadsheets:

With Loomly, you can now manage all of your social media material, including both organic and paid posts, from a single platform. 

Additionally, you receive email, push, Slack, and Microsoft Teams notifications whenever a member of your team edits or comments on a piece of content.

View All Calendars in List View & Calendar Mode. Overview of Post Notifications (email, push, Slack, Microsoft Teams)

Manage all of your assets in 1 place:

Your assets can be stored, arranged, and used with Loomly’s central, user-friendly Library.

Notes, links, videos, photos, and post templates

for multiple-photo video slideshows, Aspect Asset

Create ads and posts with expertise:

Loomly walks you through each step of creating amazing posts and adverts.

Ideas for posts, subjects, labels, and optimization advice

Hashtag Manager, Loomly Studio, and UTM parameters generator

Giphy and Unsplash integration

Ad and post preview

Analyze your progress:

Once a post has been published, you may track its performance in real-time using Loomly’s analytics. The themes and content types your audience is most interested in may then be quickly determined, and you can incorporate this information back into your planning process.

Post, account, and URL metrics

Filtering data and comparing time periods

all posts’ analytics (not only those published via Loomly)

3. Sprout Social

An all-in-one tool for scheduling and posting to social media is Sprout Social. You can schedule posts across many networks and do both with it. It may be used by marketing teams to collaborate, and user-level permissions provide marketing managers, authors, and everyone in between specialised ability to add to a social media calendar.

A team can get a bird’s eye perspective of what is posted and promoted each day using Sprout Social’s calendar feature.

To help you assess how effectively various pieces of content perform on social media, the package also contains a variety of social media analytics.

Plans start with a free 30-day trial and run from $89 to $249 per month.

4. Feedly 

We love Feedly. It enables you to effortlessly bring together topics with similar interests by categorising the blogs you follow into feeds. When you have content in one feed, you can disregard the other, less important feeds and only read the content in that one. A powerful feed reader called Feedly compiles information from various websites into one easily accessible location. You can use it to view updates on any subject that interests you, regardless of where they are found—in the news, on blogs, in posts on social media, in RSS feeds, or elsewhere.

On the Feedly platform, the material is automatically curated to fill your social media calendar. Feedly provides the job for you so you don’t have to worry about searching for news or interesting articles to share with your audience between your own scheduled social media updates.

5. Zoho

Businesses and organisations may manage their social media accounts with the help of Zoho Social, a potent social media management tool. You may plan articles, keep track of mentions, design personalised dashboards, and more.

Similar to other programmes, Zoho Social offers a free plan that includes seven social media channels for publishing, one team member, and the zShare browser plugin. Of course, pricier plans also have more sophisticated features.

You may use this tool to schedule an unlimited number of posts, monitor your social media activity, build bespoke performance reports, and receive notifications when your company is mentioned online. Additionally, it has a straightforward interface that makes maintaining several accounts simply.

One of the aspects of teamwork that I like best. You can work fluidly with your team thanks to it. To allow your team members to work on several projects, you can also offer them bespoke roles.

Overall, Zoho Social is a terrific free alternative to Hootsuite for managing social media.

They have four different strategies. Additionally, each plan has a 14-day free trial.

Takeaways : 

It may be difficult to manage the social media profiles for your brands or companies. Posting content, keeping track of engagement, and connecting with them all take a lot of time.

Utilizing social media management tools could be a fantastic complement to your social media marketing campaign because of this. With the use of social media scheduling tools, you can do a number of things, such as schedule posts in advance, track performance and brand mentions, work with your team, generate fresh content ideas, and much more.

It is advisable to create a content calendar, prior to using social media posting tools. As it will save a lot of your time & energy.

Although there are many tools accessible, we just picked the top 5 free ones here. Free alternatives to Hootsuite are also included, as well as a free Facebook post scheduler, Instagram scheduler, and other tools.

There is a free version of each tool, and if you want, you can upgrade to the premium version.

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