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Nowadays the definition of celebrities has been changed. There used to be a time when only top-notch personalities used to have a high impact on society, whatever that they used to recommend or endorse through any sorts of advertisement people used to get influenced and buy the product or services accordingly.  No one knew that a time will come when not only the people from glamorous industries but people who live between us will be able to influence society with the right skill set and clear direction. 

Who is an Influencer? 

A person with authority, knowledge and insight into a specific niche or subject. Maybe not all individuals who are influential are experts in your potential subject, but they can bring you to people with specialized knowledge or specific information. In so doing, you are in a position to extend the reach of your brand.

What is a Social media influencer?

Though there is no specific definition to it, a person or account with more followers or audience engagement can be considered a social media influencer.

A social media influencer can be called an individual or a group of individuals who can have the authority or power to influence or shape the decisions of the other community members or followers. 

However, if a brand or company wants to approach an influencer they will first look at the impact of that influencer on their followers. The company will also look if that influencer can help to reach out to the company’s target audience to promote their product or services. 


How to Become a Social Media Influencer?

Though it’s not an overnight process, however for some it might take years and for some, it might take only some months or a certain number of days for the others depending on your consistency, a niche that you are in, the content that you are putting out and value that you add into the life of your followers. 

But the best thing about being a social media influencer is anyone can be a Social media Influencer with the right skills, & knowledge about that field, since that you are on this page 

1. Find your Niche : 

The first step to becoming an influencer is to find your niche, this is the first step and a strong base or part of your journey to becoming a successful Influencer.  

We will understand why is it important to find a niche And how can you do that? 

How can you find your niche?

To find your niche, you first need to do a small self-check, All about you. 

You need to know your area of interest.

Things that you are passionate about.

Things that you like and enjoy doing the most. 

Most importantly you need to know your personality because anything opposite to your personality won’t be helpful to you in the long term. 

To give you an example,

If you consider yourself a foodie, then you definitely can be a food blogger, and attract more foodies & hungry followers. You can then recommend the place, and food, that you have recently tried or liked. Following this process will benefit you from so many things that we will discuss further.

Knowing Your niche will make the task easy for you, you will know the specific topics that you are supposed to create content for.


2. Choose a Social media platform :

Now that you have finalised your Niche, it will be easy for you to choose your social media platform or based on your Niche you can choose the platform, as we have taken the example of food, Instagram would be a perfect platform for that Niche, or even Facebook, no doubt you can be present on more than one platform, but advice would be to select 1 or 2 platforms as per your Niche.

Deciding on the Social media platform will help you to understand and build your audience over some time. As well as you will be able to understand the algorithms of that platform as soon as you start using it regularly.

And If you are confident enough to come in front of the camera then YouTube is the best platform to have a presence on. Every platform has pros & cons. As per your niche, you can see the presence of your competitors, or the person who has succeeded in the niche that you have chosen to go with. Not to copy them but to get the tentative idea, and scope.


3. Define your Audience : 

Now, this is another important pillar of your journey to define your Audience. Selecting your niche, finalising your social media platform, defining your audience, and following all these steps in advance will give you good peace of mind and you will be able to focus on creating your content peacefully and with more clarification. 

Points that we need to consider while defining the audience.




Likes & dislikes of your audience, 

The location that they’re living in.

The time that they will be more likely to be active or present on social media or the platform that you’ve chosen.


4. Create regular content :

Here comes the main thing in the picture and that is to create your content. The core part of being a social media influencer. You would be able to become an influencer mainly based on the content that you are going to create and deliver. 

The Centre of your journey as a social media influencer will be the content and only content. Without creating good or qualitative content you won’t be able to attract or influence the people or followers. 

Types of content that you should create.

a. Create content as per your Niche :

So the thing which you should keep in mind while creating the content is that it should be relevant to your Niche until you reach a certain level in your journey.

b. Create Value-adding content : 

It is highly important to create content that will be value-adding in your follower’s life. To give you an example: If your niche is related to the stock market, then each piece of content that you create should be helpful, even if you are giving small tips related to investment then you should make sure that it’s worth sharing with your followers.

c. Create engaging/interactive content : 

This is one of the best ways to create content to get more engagement. By creating engaging content your followers will feel connected with you.

d. Create content that is in trend :

To reach out to a maximum number of people you can consider the things which are booming in trend. However, you first need to check if you can make something creative out of that trending news, updates or virals. You need to make sure that the content that you are creating is based on trending news, or virals, that should be relevant to your Niche. 

e. Be Authentic & create unique content :

A must-point to focus on. You will get to see the end number of people around you who imitate the content. But that won’t help to last for long. Even if you are creating one thing a week or a month, it is crucial to deliver authentic content. 

f. Create well-researched content :

It is your responsibility to create content that is researched well in advance. 

Because you need to understand that whatever that you gonna put out your audience or follower is going to get influenced or might execute the thing which you are going to recommend or suggest.


5. Engage with the audience : 

There are multiple ways you can connect with your audience, first is the content that you will create. Apart from creating content, almost all social media platforms give you access to connect with your audience in multiple ways.

If you are using Instagram, Facebook, or even YouTube you can go live to interact with your audience and followers. Going live gives the privilege to get in touch with a huge crowd at the same time. You can talk with them all.

DM or messenger is another best option to stay engaged with your audience. 

Why is this important? 

If you want to reach a level where your single message creates a huge impact in your follower’s life, then it is foremost for you to gain the faith of your followers.

A most helpful way to build a strong connection between you and your followers.  


6. Collaborate with other influencers :

Collaborating with other influencers will help you to get more followers. Collaborating is another best way to introduce yourself to new people. 

Collaboration can be done in both the ways paid and unpaid. 

The benefit of collaborating with another influencer is that you can get the maximum reach with just one or two posts. 

Conclusion :

It is a long journey to be an influencer, but prior to starting your journey if you follow the above-given guidelines, It will be quite easy for you to get going. A few things to keep in mind are to be real and to remember that you will have to be responsible for your actions. As your audience, fans or followers are going to get influenced by you. 

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