How to Make Money from Copywriting Skills: The Ultimate Guide Part-2

One way to make money is by becoming a copywriter. Copywriting is the act of creating marketing materials such as advertisements, brochures, and website content. To be a successful copywriter, you must understand how to craft persuasive messages that will influence the behaviour of your target audience. 

In addition to writing skills, copywriters must also understand human psychology and marketing principles To learn tips on copywriting, here is our Part One blog, which will give you knowledge about the skills needed, free and paid certification courses, and tips for writing copy to become a copywriter. So make sure you read our blog.

The Skills You Need To Become A Freelance Copywriter

If you want to earn money, freelance copywriting is the most viable thing. There are several steps you can take to become a freelance copywriter:

  • You’ll need to improve your writing skills. Take some time to practice writing and refining your craft.
  • You’ll need to build a portfolio of your work to show potential clients. You can create sample pieces or showcase articles or blog posts you’ve written.
  • You’ll need to market and promote your services to potential clients.

You can do this by networking with other professionals, building a strong online presence, or both. By following these steps, you can become a successful freelance copywriter.By following these steps, you can be a successful copywriter in the next 12 months.

What Are The Best Ways To Find Clients?

As a freelance copywriter, one of the most important things you can do is find clients. Here are a few ways to go about finding clients as a freelance copywriter:

1. Family and Friends-

Inform your loved ones that you are seeking new clients and to learn more about your copywriting business. Ask them to recommend you to friends or colleagues interested in working with you or giving you work.

2. Social Media-

Join LinkedIn and Facebook groups for companies in your niche who might be searching for copywriters. Promote your expertise in these groups to attract the attention of potential customers. Use social media for advertising your company and spread the word about your services to the internet community.

3. Join websites that hire freelance copywriters-

These are excellent places for a copywriter without much expertise to obtain work. They may not provide jobs with big salaries, but because they are well-liked by customers, they have a large number of positions that you may apply for. Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, FreelanceWriting.com, Blogging Pro, and ProBlogger are among the top websites to consider.

What branches of Copywriting Open To You As a Freelancer?

Copywriting is wide-ranging. It’s similar to brand image-building, marketing, advertising, and SEO. You can focus on the following copywriting areas:

1. When generating content for businesses or entrepreneurs, it is important to keep their target audience in mind. Professional vocabulary and tone are hallmarks of B2B (business-to-business) communication. 

Facts, information, figures, and statistics are frequently employed in this writing. Writing could be involved as Posts on a social network, newsletter creation, Electronic books, In articles,” case studies, “A landing page

2. B2C copywriting, where the target audience is a company’s consumers. A colloquial language that appeals to a particular target audience is business-to-customer communication. 

Because emotions frequently play a significant part in deciding whether to purchase, discussing emotional benefits is used. B2C copywriting may include writing for landing pages, social media postings, the website offers, product and service descriptions for online stores, newsletters, and advertising.

3. Social Media copywriting focuses on producing writing for social media (usually content for posts). An excellent option for folks who are well familiar with the nuances of how various social networks operate. 

A social media copywriter should create copy that expands reach. It frequently covers all social media efforts that foster community engagement, such as beginning conversations and enticing followers to like and comment. It’s also crucial to adapt content to current styles and optimise texts for the requirements of various social media platforms.

4. SEO copywriting: Texts written using SEO guidelines affect where a website appears in search engine results. An SEO copywriter should, thus, be technically knowledgeable about positioning, use SEO tools, and compose and optimise texts following SEO standards.

5. Content copywriting: material copywriters concentrate on producing valuable content consistent with the company’s content to draw in the appropriate audience. In theory, this kind of material should naturally (i.e., without the need for paid advertising) reach the consumer and result in actions that benefit the business. 

Therefore, the purpose of the material is to encourage clients to believe in the business and persuade them to act (make a purchase, use the service, or make an appointment). Content copywriting might involve producing informative articles, how-to manuals, newsletters, e-books, infographics, case studies, and content for social media platforms.

What Elements Influence a Freelance Copywriter’s Earnings?

The profits of freelancers might vary widely depending on a number of things. The following factors could affect the copy fee’s total:

1. Experience as a copywriter – specialised knowledge is crucial in addition to training and work history. It’s ideal if you are an SEO specialist copywriter or have extensive experience in a particular industry (e.g., accounting, dietetics, or IT).

2. Writing speed and text quality -The cost of the service will rise as quick, high-quality content is prepared. For instance, an inexperienced student might write a text quickly and at a low rate. Nobody should, however, anticipate a duplicate of excellent quality.

The client’s expectations are, therefore, the determining factor. Many texts must be sent quickly for some businesses, and they want to pay the least amount. Some people will be able to afford to wait and pay more for the content of higher quality.

3. Topic complexity– It takes longer to research more complicated issues. Your payment may increase if the topic is extended. Freelancers can charge by the hour when developing content necessitates frequent conversations with the business.

4. Numerous corrections – the time the consumer changes or notes to your text also impacts the rate. Therefore, picking a subject on which you are an authority is crucial.

5. Customer value of the content–  The bid will be greater if the customer values a piece of material more. All image content, i.e., text for the website and expert articles for the blog, will typically be included.

6. Offering extra services – If you offer additional services in addition to copywriting, such as translation or graphic design, your cost should reflect this.

7. Result– The effectiveness of your copy is crucial for attracting new clients. We advise using your current works in your portfolio because of this.

How To Build a Portfolio That Gets You Hired

A portfolio is essential because it shows clients what you’ve done and how you’ve presented it.

A copywriting portfolio should be created with the following three critical points in mind:

1. Showcase the work that you want to do more of in the future-

The key to success is ensuring that the examples you use in your portfolio reflect the work you want to do more of in the future.

2. Include client testimonials and other social “proof” in your portfolio-

Utilising the brand-building potential of the people you’ve collaborated with is the essence of social proof.

This is sometimes specific. You should emphasise a particular brand if you have experience working with one. Sometimes the focus is more on the industry or type of business.

Many of the potential clients who are considering employing you have never worked with a freelance writer before. They face a significant risk because of this, and social evidence helps them see that you pose less of a threat.

It’s advantageous if the testimonials mention particular experiences the client had working with you or the quality of your writing.

3. Describe the project in detail, mentioning any obstacles, procedures, and results-

You could get away with just displaying your work. Still, if you want to create an impressive copywriting portfolio, you should avoid including any additional copy that details the particulars of each project you showcase.

The second response contains phrases the typical client might not understand, but the increased specificity suggests knowledge.

You can use this idea by being clear about the project emphasised in each portfolio entry.

Focus more on the campaign’s technique and outcomes if your contribution wasn’t particularly noteworthy, but the campaign’s results were. If your contribution WAS outstanding, pay close attention to how you helped the project succeed.

When appropriate, discuss the difficulties you encountered, the strategies you used to overcome them, and the results.

While not every project will benefit from this, the more you can use your portfolio entries as case studies, the more helpful they will be to you.

Your Career Path determines Salary For A Copywriter.

There is a need for copywriters, given the prevalence of copywriting.

There are three basic approaches to capitalise on this demand:

  • Worked as a copywriter on staff at a company.
  • Write text for a team of internal marketers.
  • Take up freelance copywriting.

It only takes developing a solid CV and nailing your interview to get an entry-level copywriting position. You know, regular work stuff.

And I would certainly advise going for it and attempting to spend about 2-3 years there if you live in a larger city or get lucky with a copywriting job opening nearby. In an entry-level position, you are being compensated for your training.

How Much Does a Copywriter Freelancer Earn?

Copywriters can demand high salaries due to their high demand. The pay of a copywriter varies depending on their level of expertise, type of copywriting, and experience.

In general, independent copywriters earn more money than those who work for an organisation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a writer’s hourly income as a freelancer is $24.70, whereas an employee’s hourly wage is $18.70.

More skilled and experienced copywriters may be able to demand even higher salaries. For instance, someone who can write successfully for the web can earn $50 per hour or more. Copywriters who focus on writing for advertising can earn up to $75 per hour.

So, how much does a copywriter make? It depends, just like with other things. However, if you have experience in a certain industry and are a competent writer, you can become a freelance copywriter and earn a very excellent livelihood.


People who want to start their own business as copywriters in 2023 have many opportunities for development and a good chance of good earnings despite much competition. The growing popularity of online businesses and the trend of businesses outsourcing copywriting services means that there is a high demand for copywriters. Although there is a lot of competition, those who are able to establish themselves as experts in their field can earn a good income.

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