How to Create Instagram ads from your Mobile Device

In the world of Social media marketing, Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms for marketing after the Facebook and google ads because the number of users on Instagram has increased by billions which not only includes the young generation but also includes the old generation. And hence it is the perfect social media platform for businesses or personal brands to promote their product or services.

However, the best thing about Instagram is it allows you to run the ads from a mobile device.

In this blog, we will learn about Instagram, the formats of Instagram how that work and how can it be helpful to you for your business or for your personal branding.


Types of Instagram ads

Photo ad

Carousel ad

Reel /Video ads

Shoppable ads


Photo ad

Photo ad or single image ad, This appears in a single photo form in your Insta feed while you scroll through your feed

Carousel Ad

More than 1 photo or group of photos that you get to see while going through your Instagram feed is known as Carousel Ad. 

The maximum number of photos you can have in this form of ad is from 2 to 10, this is as of today.

Reel ad or Video ad

After seeing a boom or increasing popularity of Tiktok, all the platforms started launching their own form of Video, YouTube started its video form as Shorts, and Instagram started its video form as a reel. The maximum duration of these videos is of 60 seconds as of today, 

So If you or your client is providing any product or service which requires some sort of demo or some travel tour company then a video form ad can be one of the best ideas for the same.

Shop or Shoppable Ads

This ad allows you to add a text to your image, through which you can lead the visitor or the target audience to the desired landing page, it can be a webpage of your website, can be the page of your application, it can be your portfolio if you are projecting your self as a brand, depending on your product or services, this has become more helpful to the e-commerce website, so if you are someone who is selling the products and have multiple varieties to display then undoubtedly this is the ad set for you.

Steps to create ads on Instagram : 

Step 1: Choose a post:

  • Look for posts & stories that will appeal to your audience & get the goals you’re trying to achieve.
  • You can choose simple photos or videos that look like a regular feed because that work best to capture your audience’s attention.

The reason behind choosing a simple photo or video is to make a visitor feel like a normal post because visitors sometimes tend to ignore the ads, Simple doesn’t need to be boring, you still can choose an interesting or an attractive post so that visitors feel like sparing some time to check that post out.

Step 2: Identify a destination

Where do you want to send people who click on your ad? Your options are:

  • Instagram profile: Send people to your Instagram profile to showcase your products, services or portfolio. 
  • Business website: You can send your target audience to your desired website if you want them to browse your online shop, learn more details about an event or sign up for a special offer or mailing list.
  • Direct message: You can even encourage visitors to message you directly, especially if your goal is to get requests, appointments or enquiries from potential customers. 

You can even create different attractive landing pages, where you can lead your visitors and put a form as well, wherein your visitors fill in the details and you can get in touch with them. You can lead them to your webpage as well.

So the main purpose of identifying a destination is to let your visitor or target audience go through all of your offerings as a store or company, as It won’t be possible for you to display all your products or services through an ad, you can display or highlight some of your product or services through an ad, but you would want your visitor to check it all, in order to convert them from a visitor to a client or customer.

Step 3: Determine your audience:

  • You first need to select the location, gender, age, & interests of the people most likely to be interested in your business.
  • For example, Suppose you are running a digital marketing agency, and you want to create brand awareness of your agency or you want to reach out to people who are a start-up company. Or people related to your field could be for B2B purposes or collaboration purposes. Then you can select your interest accordingly while setting up an ad.
  • this is a crucial point which you need to take care of while creating your campaign, to make sure that your ad is reaching out to the right set of audiences, and not to everyone in general.
  • Well, Instagram gives you 2 options, 1 is to customize your audience, as per the location, gender, age group, interest, and 2nd you get the option as automatic, well I personally suggest customizing your audience to make sure that it reaches out to the correct audience.

Step 4: Set ur budget & duration :

How much do you want to spend & how long do you want to run your ads?

  • Initially test your ad with at least 200 – 300RS per day.
  • Run your ad for a specific duration that aligns with a business event you’ve planned, Such as a sale or a new product launch.
  • Though all the above-mentioned steps are important, deciding the budget is highly important. 
  • If you are a beginner, then I would advise you to start with a small budget to make sure that you are getting an appropriate ROI from the same. If your purpose is being fulfilled, you can get a tentative idea.
  • While creating an ad set up Instagram will show you the approx audience reach, depending on your budget.

Final Words –

Creating Instagram ads from your mobile device is a quick and easy process. By following the steps listed in this article, you can have your ad up and running in no time.

Be sure to experiment with different ad formats and targeting options to find what works best for you and your business. And don’t forget to keep track of your results so you can continue to improve your campaigns. Thanks for reading!

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