Writing a user-friendly engaging blog has been one of the topmost objectives of companies, organizations and brand owners. 

Its often time consuming to write a blog as it requires research, coming up with an outline, drafting and finally producing content that can really catch the attention of your user. 

In this blog, we will be exploring one powerful AI-based content writing tool called as WordHero. 

This powerful writing tool is capable of generating impactful copies in just a tap of a few clicks. 

So let’s get started.


What is WordHERO?

WordHERO is a paid writing AI tool which helps you to create, polish and reframe the content as per your needs with a great selection of words, speedy output and plagiarism free content. 

Oh and by the way did we tell you that you can generate absolutely unlimited copies from this tool. 

Interesting isn’t it? 

Didn’t like a particular copy, just hit the “Write for me” button again and you will get a new copy on your screen within seconds. 


Features of Wordhero 

There are plenty, however, to give a brief, you get it all in this one writing tool through which you can run your business, operate your job as a freelancer, or can survive in the job of content creation in any company with the help of this tool.

As mentioned above WordHERO gives you the privilege to draft all sorts of content,  related to – 



Social media

Isn’t it amazing? Everything at one place all in various ways. 

  • Also, you can create the content in 108 different languages.
  • You buy a short term plan or long term plan you can get the access to all the available tools 
  • You get a keyword assistant as well as an option to edit long-form copy.

Let’s now get to understand how can you write a blog post using WordHero. 


1. Blog topics 

You are planning to draft a blog but Niche or topic is not decided yet, or if you are totally blank while choosing the topic, but have access to this wonderful tool WordHERO then leave all your worry and follow the steps. 

  • Login to Word HERO,
  • Select a tool of Blog Topics 
  • Insert the keywords of your choice 

To give you an example, I’ve added ‘ blog topics ‘ in keywords, and let me show you the result that got generated.

So this tool works in 2 different ways, 

  1. when you are running out of the topic and want some ideas select a topic the way we’ve discussed above. 
  2. When your topic is decided and you want help with sub-topics of the same.

So mentioned the topic “The power of online reviews”  in keywords. And the result I got was spectacular. 

Let me share it with you. 

Mindblowing, isn’t it?

2. Blog Headlines 

Now that you’ve picked your topic, you can change your tool to the Blog headlines. And add the topic in the description that you’ve picked from the blog topics options.

You will get all the relevant headlines for your blog as per your topics. 

Headlines need to be added wisely, as that will give a brief to the readers about the things which are going to get covered in a blog.

3. Blog Intros

The most important part of a blog is your intro, Intro will decide the timespan of your reader on your page. If they’ll go through your blog or not. Hence if you are someone who gets confused about how to start a blog or an intro then this tool is definitely for you, as you not only get the content, but the tool will give you multiple options for the same topic.

You just need to pick an attention holding intro from the copies that you get as a result.

Here we’ve added our topic which we picked, “The power of online reviews”

Do you see the result? Isn’t it speechless? The tool does it all for you just in a fraction of a second.


4. Blog Outlines

Your outline includes the subtopics which you are going to cover in your blog in detail and Word HERO will help you with that as well.

For your better understanding, I’ve added one of the subtopics in blog Outlines.

And results are in front of you.

5. Blog Paragraphs

Now, this is something where you may need to put your efforts depending on your topic. If your topic is based on a specific niche or on something which one can draft on the basis of the experience, you can put inputs as per your understanding, and if needed you still have the support of this master tool.

The steps will be slightly different here.

You would need to add 2 things, 1 Short description of what your blog is about & 2nd keywords that need to be included.

Here, I’ve added the main topic in the Short description, and the sub-topic in the Keywords.

You can add it as per your requirements, or as per your blog topics, this example is to give an idea of how this tool can to miracle.

6. Blog conclusion

How you end your blog is also as important as you draft your intro or the complete blog. You can mention all your takeaways in your blog and can take help from this tool as well.

Worried about plagiarism?

Word HERO is currently not equipped with a checker at this point. Plagiarism is not typically a concern as the AI tool is based on the generative language model, and does not lift contents from online sources.


Wondering if WordHero can replace a human writer?

The answer is no, we need to understand that ultimately this is a robot or a machine, This Ai Tool can definitely help you with the number of raw copies of content, but no machine can ever replace a human mind, despite getting all the required content, one would still require a human assistant in order to frame or edit the copy or the result.

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