Which Is Better for Your Business: LinkedIn Ads Or Facebook Ads?

Many digital marketers ask whether Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads are better for their company. You might think Facebook because it has more users (against LinkedIn’s 550+ million users, Facebook has 2.2 billion+ active users). Does the size of the platform itself, however, define which is superior? No.

Although Facebook and LinkedIn have certain similarities, they each have different functionalities and the ability to reach particular audiences.

Because there isn’t a clear-cut solution, this article won’t state one platform is “superior.” Depending on your brand and marketing plan, you can choose the platform that will work best for your campaigns. Additionally, it’s critical to understand each platform’s key audience, ad formats, targeting, pricing, and analytics capabilities.

Linkedin Ads vs Facebook Ads Based on Target Audience


  • Frequently used to interact and communicate with friends and family, Facebook ads often target audiences who are personal.
  • Since its users are more engaged in professional networking, seeking guidance on career-related issues, and working with like-minded individuals.
  • But if you run an online store and offer products to customers, Facebook can be a better place to reach your target market.


  • It is acknowledged as having a more professional target audience.
  • Therefore, LinkedIn is probably a better place to use for advertising if you’re an agency wanting to increase your brand recognition among other industry leaders or provide B2B goods or services.

In conclusion, due to the professional character of the site, LinkedIn Ads are typically better for reaching B2B markets, whereas Facebook Ads are better for B2C brands.

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Facebook and Linkedin Ads based on Ad formats

LinkedIn and Facebook Ads are comparable because both Facebook Lead Ads (with Instant Forms) and LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms offer lead-generating possibilities.

LinkedIn’s Ad Format

Image Source: hootsuite

  • The advertisement has a lead capture form that potential customers can fill out in both situations.
  • The lead capture form is displayed on the platform as soon as a user hits the “Download” call to action in the advertisement.
  • It’s also important to note that customers can change the pre-populated contact details if necessary.
  • After they submit the form, you can send them directly to content, a thank-you page, or your website.

Other comparable ad formats on Facebook and LinkedIn include Image Link Video Mail (LinkedIn InMail Ads and Facebook Messenger Ads) and Carousel.

Facebook’s Ad Formats 

  • Facebook offers a few additional advertising alternatives as differences. It provides distinctive, interactive ad forms like Playable Slideshow Canvas, currently called “Instant Experience” Collection/Stories.
  • The interactive format makes it the perfect choice for businesses promoting stylish goods or specific services best explained through a visual presentation.

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Facebook and Linkedin Advertising Targeting Options

Both social networks offer retargeting features and capabilities to target audiences that resemble a specific base audience.

LinkedIn Ads

  • Compared to LinkedIn, To locate users with comparable interests, demographics, and behaviours on Facebook, “Lookalike Audiences” employs a base audience (current email database, list of leads, people who already consume your content, etc.).
  • A similar term on LinkedIn Ads is “Audience Expansion”.

Facebook Ads

  • They have many other benefits. It lets advertisers match ad content to a highly targeted audience by combining data (such as demographics, geography, etc.).
  • You can target users based on their hobbies and other psychographics in addition to demographics.
  • However, due to Facebook’s data privacy issues, the business deleted all of its third-party data for marketers, which was crucial to roughly 50% of the targeting possibilities.
  • Additionally, Facebook Ads have sophisticated intelligence capabilities because your campaign may improve itself for better outcomes.
  • For instance, if a specific segment of your target audience is converting the most, Facebook will optimise your ad so that it continues to appear for that segment and others like it.

Linkedin vs Facebook Ads Design

Facebook offers a broader selection if your brand has a strong aesthetic and visual identity.

The following Facebook ad formats:

  • links to images
  • ad videos
  • Rapid-fire experiences
  • stories advertisements
  • ad carousels
  • Ads in messenger

LinkedIn ad Formats have fewer visual components and more text types like:

  • Display advertisements
  • Featured content
  • Sponsored InMail Text adverts
  • Dynamic advertisements

Depending on your marketing goals and selling products, you can concentrate on text or design.

Comparing the Costs of Facebook and LinkedIn Ads

Take into consideration your desired advertising budget. Facebook and LinkedIn are cost-effective options because they let you decide how much you’ll pay. When comparing the cost-per-click for each platform, the differences become apparent.

LinkedIn ads

  • LinkedIn Typically costs $5.26 per click. The average CPC on Linkedin is not always excessive. That information demonstrates how highly valued those clicks are, as higher-priced leads on LinkedIn are frequently higher-quality prospects.
  • Lead generation on LinkedIn has the potential to be quite beneficial. Although clients spend less time on LinkedIn, they are still in a conversion mindset when they are looking.

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Facebook ads

  • Facebook typically costs $0.97 per click. On paper, it would appear that Facebook is the less expensive medium for advertising.
  • However, just because you pay less per click doesn’t necessarily imply you generate higher-quality leads.

Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads – Which is Preferable?

They are both excellent in their own right, to be honest. However, suppose I had to choose one channel. In that case, I think Facebook ads currently have more benefits than LinkedIn ads (mainly because of their innovative algorithm, lower cost per lead and huge user base). The fact is that neither platform is fundamentally superior to the other. Your audience, advertising plan, and financial constraints will ultimately determine whether you choose LinkedIn or Facebook ads.

  • Audience: Are you aiming for a business- or consumer-focused audience?
  • Advertising Strategy: What types of advertisements will you run, and how specific must your targeting be?
  • Budget: What kind of financial resources do you have?

We advise attempting Facebook advertisements if you need to target non-professional buyers and have a limited advertising budget. On the other side, you might have more success using the LinkedIn advertising platform if you have more marketing resources and intend to produce ads for a business-minded audience. But keep in mind that these are only suggestions.

So, here is what I advise:

Run a campaign on LinkedIn and Facebook. If your potential customers use both, then compare the results. Do not focus solely on cost per lead. Consider your ROI as well as the lead quality.

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