5 Tips on How to Increase Your Instagram Marketing Conversions

First things first, let’s begin by defining what conversion rate is –

The conversion rate is recognized as the number of conversions divided by the number of websites or web page visitors. The average conversion rate of Instagram advertisements is 8.01%.

Influencer marketing is the current and latest trend on Instagram. The average conversion rate is 2.5% through influencers. Instagram’s E-commerce conversion rate is 3%

Curious about why you should grow your conversions through Instagram? 

In this blog, we are going to track down the five steps to optimize your Instagram marketing conversion.

1. Enhance Your Instagram Bio

Your bio is the leading appearance the viewer observes for them while wishlisting their preferred or suited marketer, influencer, or business entity.

You should update or keep the relevant bio to drive traffic from different websites and web pages.

You can also take advantage of the linktr.ee app that will guide you to create a hyperlink for Instagram verifications in addition to a couple of relinks to your bio and update them for you whenever you exchange any hyperlink.

It also tracks down no. of clicks on each hyperlink your bio receives so as to understand which one is working better.

Add a hyperlink in your Instagram bio and remind the audience in your posts to explore your website by clicking on the link.

Show your authentic self and try to stand out from the crowd by portraying who you truly are, believe me, that is what users appreciate a lot.

2. Add Links to your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories play a vital role in marketing. It attracts people as it is an interesting way to interact with your audience and get to know their interests and preferences. 

In spite of the fact that stories disappear within 24 hours, they are simply vital for producing leads through highly rated content. Stories will help you out in maintaining more personal connections with viewers.

After adding a photo or video content to your story, add the stickers like a link then add the link of your website or blogs, locations, mentions, questions, polls, etc. 

If you want more leads, you can also share your same or previous stories as ‘Highlights” even after they disappear in 24 hours, the story will be visible on your Instagram handle as highlights.

3. Apply Clear Calls to Action in Your Instagram Content

Asking for a click is one of the best approaches to power Instagram visitors on your web pages and sites on the fact that you are asking your followers to take action. 

Add a CTA (Call-to-action) in the middle of the content where you give a pause or at the end of the content that tells the audience what they could discover on the website. 

When you need users to subscribe, click, buy or take every other action, inform them precisely what to do. Adding relevant CTA in your Instagram content material can alternate how the audience responds and modify your conversion rate.

4. Use the right hashtags

Hashtags will make it simpler for Instagram users to discover your images. 

When you publish an image with a hashtag you are effectively categorizing the image and making it easier for the Insta Universe to find out your content material.

The greater hashtags you use, the more likely a person is to come upon your content material.

Without hashtags, it’s not likely that everybody could ever see your content material until they had been following you on Instagram, or following positive key phrases associated with the content material of your posts.

The more views and discovery your content gets, the more likely you will get visitors from your Instagram account and more visitors may lead to more sales. 

5. Create Instagram Reels

Did you know that as per a recent article on Hootsuite Instagram reels has become the fastest growing feature worldwide. 

Instagram Reels is not just a feature, it has become a sensation, we have observed so many content creators pushing out just reel content. 

Reels allow you to upload stickers, overlays, music, and different interactive elements. 

When you create an Instagram reel, you could additionally write a caption of 1000-1500 words, it allows you to create beneficial content like hashtags, links, call-to-action buttons, etc to inspire your target audience.

Reels also get maximum organic reach, so if you are really looking to improve upon transactions without spending big on Advertising, having a reels calendar in your social media strategy is a must.

Final Thoughts

While the platform continues to be growing shows that it may be used for advertising and marketing purposes and that it’s really well worth experimenting with. 

Along with its specific features, like video capture, Instagram has consistently evolved so that it’s useful and valuable for all its users. 

With increasingly more usage of Instagram, its price will most effectively maintain its worth as a social media tool. Now that you recognize a way to rock Instagram with posts that convert, this social media platform. 

Don’t wait any longer; begin the use of Instagram now and watch the audience and convert them into your leads.

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